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I'm Deborah Parrish. I solve problems and help companies successfully achieve strategic goals in creative ways.

Deborah Parrish's Bio:

Deborah Parrish has over two decades experience in the financial and business management fields.    After years in the corporate trenches, she found her true calling working with growing Northern California companies that share her personal values.  She has a passion for helping businesses optimize resources to meet strategic goals. As Chief Strategy & Finance Officer for Straus Family Creamery, she worked to unite sustainable business practices with focused environmental concerns. Deborah is most comfortable in the role of change agent, a leader who has learned best practices from superstar companies such as LucasFilm, Spectrum Organic Products, and the Nelson Family of Companies in strategy, financial planning and reporting, process efficiency, and internal controls.  She has come to believe that sustainable business is more than just environmental activism.    Deborah holds a bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in Business Strategy & Finance from Sonoma State University.    A native of Texas, Deborah now enjoys her “empty nest” in Tomales, CA with her husband. When not working, Deborah actively volunteers to support local community groups, live music, and youth development programs. Her passions are many, but she finds immense joy expressing herself by writing, photography, and creating adventures with friends and family. On sunny days you can find her hiking, camping, kayaking, and working in her garden, enjoying the beautiful outdoors. 

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Passions include: organizational development, strategic planning, corporate financial reporting, writing, photography, romance, community theater, professional networking, research, organic products, sustainable business practices, hiking, international travel, good food, great wine, a good novel, mixed with some live music

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